Who Are We?

We are agile. We have fun. We deliver.

We will have a new Friday in a couple of weeks

― Mattias Ståhlgren, Managing Director


Our mission is that of creation, in contrast to production. We strive to be a professional company working on the edge, acting as a lighthouse of innovation, guiding the company to excellence. We work hard to exceed end users' expectations for service, quality and value.

We are empowered innovators, making Fareoffice a fun and supportive company.

We believe everything is possible and simply strive to create positive experiences.


Professional Edge Fun Lighthouse Supportive Empowering Innovators

Mission Statement

We will continue to be a source of industry-wide innovation, creativity and knowledge. Be a locally attractive IT-edge company in Stockholm.

We efficiently build, test and maintain high quality secure platforms and we ship high quality products using rapid delivery.

We listen to and respect each other.

With mutual trust between EHI and Fareoffice, we secure our autonomy and reach for transparency.

We contribute with our domain-knowledge and high quality products to influence the EHI technology progression.